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Summer Sun – a triolet


Following Catherine Crosswell’s first triolet “Pass the Parcel” back in April, I’ve been meaning to have a bash at one.  Today seems the perfect day, it’s so hot, too hot to actually do gardening [much as it needs dealing with!] – well, that’s my excuse anyway, as if I need one!

So here it is, my very first triolet.

Summer Sun

The summer sun beats down, merciless,
And the birds are exhausted with heat,
Sparrows dust bath, pigeons purr.
The summer sun beats down, merciless,
Up with sunshades, lounge, don’t stir,
A sun lotion Sunday paper treat.
The summer sun beats down, merciless,
And the birds are exhausted with heat.

Polly Robinson © 2012

10 thoughts on “Summer Sun – a triolet

  1. That was an excellent post today. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it very much.

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  2. This is fabulous – sparrows are so cute :)

    I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award

    Keep the poetry alive :)


    1. So good that you liked the triolet, Alex and WOW! Thank you so much for the award. How kind :)


  3. ‘The summer sun beats down, merciless,’ Love this line and the fact the sun is beating down on the reader relentlessly throughout your Triolet. You can really feel it. Phew!! Lollies and bird baths all round :-)

    Thanks for the share. I better try and write another :-)


  4. Captures the feeling of heat really well, Polly.


  5. Great Job Polly! Triolets are HARD work…but quite rewarding…in the end! :-D


  6. Hmm … perhaps it’s the discipline that makes them tricky [she muses].
    Thanks for your thoughts, Jamy, good to see you here :)


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