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16 thoughts on “Life’s a beach for Olympic-bound Geoff | Worcester Standard

  1. Ooooh, are you sure that’s dangerous?


  2. I feel I have to shake that man’s hand!


    • He’d be delighted to shake your hand Joe – I just have to write something meaningful about his experiences here, maybe a before, during and after trilogy – just hope I can do him justice :)


  3. Sounds fun and exciting! Too bad you cannot go along as an assistant, but I’m sure you will hear some fascinating stories! ~ Lily


    • heh-heh, I’m not sure I’d be great at this sort of thing … Geoff, however, will be wonderful, so I’ll let you know how it goes :)

      Thanks for your thoughts Lily


  4. Impressive! Tell him congrats from the non-poetic American. :)


  5. Wow – fantastic opportunity! Congratulations!! (I bet he’s had a big grin on his face for ages!!)


    • He’s left for London this morning, Alex, and is so enthused by the whole thing – I hope it’s everything he wishes it to be … and yes, he has had a big grin on his face for some months :D


  6. How wonderful! I shall send good vibes his way…
    Think of me battling through the crowds to see cyclists near Box Hill tomorrow


  7. This is soooooo cool. Tell Geoff well done from me! Hope he’s enjoyed his first day. :)

    Wow – and all that sand….


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