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A late gift


Geoff’s just come home for lunch and given me a late Christmas gift. He started off by saying he’d ‘done a Polly’. Yes, I’ve been known to buy gifts and forget about them until after the event [I thought everyone did that!] Then, the cheeky B gave me a tin of sweets.

Here’s a picture of them hahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D

Hangover Drops

And just for the record … I never get hangovers! :)

heh-heh … just noticed, they’ve got ginseng in them, yep, that’s right GIN seng! hahahahahahahahaha :D :D ~ Geoff’s trying one out!

20 thoughts on “A late gift

  1. But I am sure that you are the hostess with the most! Hangover drops are just the thing to hand out when bleary drunks are taking that taxi home. Shows you care!


  2. Ah, a surprise ‘extra’ gift. What can be better than that? Especially if it’s edible. ;)


  3. Suspect taste, though, Carrie, it has to be said! :)


  4. Very charming. I don’t expect either GIN seng or ginseng really tastes that great in a drop! k.


  5. You’re not wrong, k. :)


  6. Baahahahaha…Gin-seng!


  7. Who ever heard of hangovers at this time of the year, honestly :-)


  8. (happy New One, Polly)


  9. :D


  10. Gin-seng mmm I bet they’re a real tonic!


  11. Hahaha…I’ve never forgotten a gift before but my sister has. Hid them so well, even she couldn’t find them! Gin seng….I get it..very funny…for hangovers! That husband of yours sounds like he has a sense of humor… :D


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