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Rondeau: Yellow



Day 29 at Napowrimo and I’m talking a rondeau of ‘yellow’.

In tones yellow, golden sunshine,
Coneflower, yellow, celandine,
Dazzling sunflowers, detailed lobes.
New York taxis, Buddhist monk robes,
Goldcrests fly in forests of pine.

Traditional, from cow urine,
Now food colouring’s Tartrazine.
Songs of a pretty Texan rose,
In tones yellow.

The sweetened gold of dessert wine,
Bradley Wiggins’ jersey design,
Saffron and rapeseed in the nose,
Yellow bellies courage propose,
Wild heretics in capes recline
In tones yellow.

Polly Robinson © 2013

A rondeau is written on two rhymes with fifteen lines, using the first part of the first line as a refrain. The form is created from three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain and a sestet.

24 thoughts on “Rondeau: Yellow

  1. Very “yellow” Polly! As it should be!


  2. Yellow’s a peaceful color, I think. Wonderful poem!

    I assume you know the Coldplay song called ‘Yellow’? I love that one.


  3. Indeed a sea of yellow shade! :)


  4. Loved this–playful and quite beautiful.


  5. Reblogged this on Nature’s Abhorred Vacuum.


  6. All the brightness and warmth of Spring! As if you handed us a bouquet of Daffodils! Merci beaucoup Polly. :)


  7. your progression with this one color is fun to read. I smiled quickest when I read goldcrests fly in forests of pine. : )


  8. Great rondeau and love the colour!


  9. The color yellow always makes me smile! Great imagery in this one, Polly! I did a Rondeau for my night post tonight. I really like this poetry form :-)


  10. Ace! clever poem, superb vision. One of my favorite words is ‘heretic’ and I was delighted to see it in such a happy poem. It was kind of like imagining Hitler with candyfloss, poetry is a heart-felt gift and yours makes me feel (happy, today!).


    • heh-heh … hello ‘Anonymous’ ~ thank you for your comments ~ I’m always curious as to who my ‘anonymous’ commentators are, perhaps you’ll identify yourself if we ever should meet :)


  11. Very rich – in fact – dazzling! :)


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