Writings and Witterings

10 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Time

  1. beautiful. cracking picture, Geoff!


  2. Beautiful, pink and frothy – they smell pink too!


  3. Beautiful! No apples here this year. Winter couldn’t make up its mind whether it was coming or going and everything froze. ;(


    • It’s better here this year than it was last year ~ a very poor year for the garden, last year ~ these pretty little things are bringing us more hope for this one :)


  4. Lovely picture, what kind of apples? I loved eating crabapples right off the tree, warmed by the sun.


    • It’s an ancient Bramley apple tree, they’re perfect cookers for pies, hopeless as Baked Apples ~ like you say, apples are best eaten straight from the tree, but not these, they need a little help … just a little sweetening :)

      Thanks for the ‘likes’ – I’ll get along to your blog now :)


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