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Girl’s Got Rhythm – have you got yours yet?


Spring is here and my first collection of poetry, Girl’s Got Rhythm, starts with a Triversan about lambs, they’re so lovely.

It’s even easier to get your copy now. Just use the PayPal button and it will be put in the post the very next day. Hope you enjoy it.

btn_buynowCC_LGAlso available via Amazon. Print version. eBook.

Girl's Got Rhythm Front Cover

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7 thoughts on “Girl’s Got Rhythm – have you got yours yet?

  1. Already got mine! It’s fab!


  2. And I’ve got yours and never did get around to reviewing it… must do that for you, Joe, I enjoyed it :) x


  3. I bought it hot off the press (kinda;) Loved it! I think I’ll curl up and reread on this lazy Saturday morn. :D


  4. Congrats, this looks like one I’d like to have!!


  5. Reblogged this on Heartafire and commented:
    This looks like one I would like to have! Congratulations Polly.


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