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Thought you might like to see a couple of the letters I received from young people I spent time with in a Living Library; so thrilling to receive – such polite youngsters, great to talk to and a credit to their school.

I especially like that they felt inspired to write a lovely poem, how humbling, and what a smashing poem. It’s good to see that they found new words. And don’t you just love the way the one says ‘ you may or may not have heard of this book': The Odyssey :)

Letter Living Lib 1 Letter Living Lib 2Polly at Living Library

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30 thoughts on “Living Library

  1. Those are so sweet! I imagine many children would love your poetry, because you put fun stuff in it. And I’m sure that’s just what you’re going for. “Fun stuff.” ;)


    • It was so lovely to chat with the children Carrie – they all have favourite writers and know the stories by heart. This was the second year for me at the Living Library, such a privilege :)


  2. That’s awesome! I so agree with them on your beautiful writings :)


  3. Their parents and teachers have every reason to be proud of these children – so refreshing to meet young, polite and considerate children.


  4. How lovely and genuinely gratifying! Those are the best kind of readers.


  5. Polly, what a wonderful gift. You have given them and enabled them to give their own works in return. Encouraging a child to grow and learn is such a precious gift! :) x


  6. This is the new generation, and it seems we’ve got a good bunch coming in. Makes me happy.


  7. very cool… and the living library sounds cool as well… sounds like they enjoyed their time with you


    • heh-heh… I certainly enjoyed my time with them – keen on Lemony Snicket, I found and some were reading The Odyssey – I was impressed! :)


  8. How lovely. The must have really enjoyed your time with them. I have never heard of a Living Library before – great idea.


    • I’d never heard the term until last year Libby – it’s the brainchild of Linda Bromyard who’s the librarian at the school – the youngsters love it, and so do the writers lucky enough to be invited along. :)


  9. How fantastic Polly, so wonderful you passing on your passion inspiring students. A moment no doubt they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. A beautiful gift you’ve given them! :)


  10. Aw Polly this is so special, you must be glowing inside and out. How did you become involved with the living library?


  11. Absolutely precious, Polly. What fun to get to go talk with children at the Library! I chuckled at the comment about The Odyssey.


  12. This is wonderful, Polly! :D


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