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Midsummer Eve

Acknowledgement to worcesternews.co.uk

Acknowledgement to worcesternews.co.uk

Midsummer Eve

She is Sabrina, wending through Worcester,
gestures: splashes rock
in moonlight on windborne scents
of cow parsley and whispering waters,
her shadow caught by the clan.

Paths millions of years old
age around smooth muds
trodden by man.

She snakes through four counties,
visits the fairest cities,
leaves her sister to landscape
purple hills and golden valleys,
but she never strays far
from the haunts of men.

All this we know as we hear the river
swooping and dancing, see eyes close
romancing and glancing at words
to celebrate the place in which we stay.
It’s midsummer – midsummer eve.

Polly Robinson © 2015

To celebrate Midsummer Eve, this poem is written prior to tonight’s midnight walk around the River Severn – 10:30 meet at the Cripplegate Park entrance nearest Worcester Bridge – there will be performances!


Hooked on Chatterton (2)

Great news! A lovely email from Michael Doble of the Chatterton Society, says that Brian May’s uploaded ‘Thomas Chatterton, Myth of the Doomed Poet’ to YouTube I’ve inserted a copy below.

Michael added:
‘For how long it is on YouTube remains to be seen. Enjoy it whilst you can.
It was good to see Chatterton, the Poet and Writer, shown in a more favourable light.  As it says on our (The Chatterton Society) website ‘Press Release’ page: “History has been unfair to Chatterton…”.

This is wonderful news – now my friends who were unable to see it via BBC can watch and enjoy – many thanks to Michael :)


Hooked on Chatterton

Spare half an hour to enjoy this programme, I’m hooked! Here’s a link to the BBC iPlayer for the documentary about Chatterton: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b05z5hc0/thomas-chatterton-the-myth-of-the-doomed-poet

My pamphlet, a series of poems: Chatterton is available as an eBook click here! The limited print first edition is sold out, but wonderful that it’s available on Kindle and other platforms–thanks Black Pear Press :)
Chatterton BBC4 Broadcast 15th June 2015


All Systems Go!

…for the 2015 Worcestershire Literary Festival 12-21 June. It’ll be a busy but enjoyable time, starting with the Launch of the Festival during which the six finalists of the Worcestershire Poet Laureate Competition go head-to-head and we find the Laureate for the coming year, the Young Writer winners are announced and read their winning entries, and the Flash Fiction finalists get to know who has won their competition this year – to find out more see: Worcs LitFest – the latest programme, completely updated, and tickets to the fab events are available there or at the Box Office at Huntington Hall, CrownGate, Worcs :)

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I’ll Be Watching This…

BBC 4 Chatterton Documentary 8.30pm Monday 15th June 2015

Michael Doble of The Thomas Chatterton Society kindly sent me this link as he knows of my interest in, and pamphlet of poems about, Thomas Chatterton.

I’ll be watching on ‘catch up’ TV as I shall be out that evening with LitFest :)

Chatterton BBC4 Broadcast 15th June 2015