Writings and Witterings


Twisted Wisps

Twisted Tree - photo by David Clark  www.pinterest.com/4dave1954.jpg

Twisted Tree – photo by David Clark

The twisted old tree
at the foot
of the garden
is grandfather.

His timepiece in the hall
ticks off the days,
clay pipe on the mantle shelf
mouths his presence.

Boots on the gravel
lead to the door,
stamp on the doormat
same as ever.

Rocking chair creaks
in time with soft chimes,
wisps of smoke evoke,
cloak, smile at the joke.

Polly Robinson © 2015


Dandelion Faeries

Dandelion faeries blow in the breeze
dancing to the tune of Croome,
murmuring mystical movements.

Ripples run
in rivulets and rings
and the dandelion faeries
tiptoe in time in a timeless haven,

swimming in the air,
splashing in sunshine
and shallows:
dainty dandelion fae.

Polly Robinson © 2015



Husband, signalman, he’ll be home soon,
carrying the noon whiff of Brasso-clean levers,
fusty yellow dusters, faintly grey.

Soft golden cloths
–red-thread blanket-stitched–
shine the upright handles.

He covers every angle,
a bright mirrored shrine.

Polly Robinson © 2015

My father was a signalman. So this week, as dVerse Poetics ask us to write about trains, this poem came to mind – a sort of homage to my dad. Hop on board.


Hooked on Chatterton

Spare half an hour to enjoy this programme, I’m hooked! Here’s a link to the BBC iPlayer for the documentary about Chatterton: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b05z5hc0/thomas-chatterton-the-myth-of-the-doomed-poet

My pamphlet, a series of poems: Chatterton is available as an eBook click here! The limited print first edition is sold out, but wonderful that it’s available on Kindle and other platforms–thanks Black Pear Press :)
Chatterton BBC4 Broadcast 15th June 2015


I’ll Be Watching This…

BBC 4 Chatterton Documentary 8.30pm Monday 15th June 2015

Michael Doble of The Thomas Chatterton Society kindly sent me this link as he knows of my interest in, and pamphlet of poems about, Thomas Chatterton.

I’ll be watching on ‘catch up’ TV as I shall be out that evening with LitFest :)

Chatterton BBC4 Broadcast 15th June 2015