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A singer / songwriter brought back to mind by a meeting with friends…thanks Holly. My tribute.


Vietnam heroin
changed his life,
held in thrall
–white evil.
‘If I were a carpenter’
No one
will ever forget
the haunting
perfect cut gem,
from a wondrous

Polly Robinson © 2015



Upright, shoulders back,
sitting on a kitchen chair.
Steam rises
from a white fine china cup.
Light motes
filter in the air.
He stares
at a drop of hot brown tea
cooling as it dribbles
from where his lips
it trickles stuttering down the side,
makes its way to the saucer
where a silver, tea streaked spoon
The spoon carried one
and a half spoons
of sugar to the cup,
as his hand shook
grains of sugar fell
to the table
and remained there;
round, white, slightly shimmering
on the green polka dot cloth.

Polly Robinson © 2015


Suggestions for a title would be welcome :)


Bones Under A Bridge

Tiny pile of bones
under a bridge
you were found out;
talked to the hawk,
or a murder of crows.
Maybe your first love,
the one that found you
in flagrante
set you up,
or perhaps the second
who had the pleasure
of hearing your infidelity;
selfish, you will be alone.
The bridge didn’t help.
We will celebrate
bones ‘neath the bridge.
No one cares.

Polly Robinson © 2015


A Fine Disregard

Written early in 2013…perhaps I had an inkling…

A Fine Disregard for Awkward Facts

He has a true dislike
of anything uncomfortable;
will go to any length
to avoid,
to hide,
to circumnavigate the prickly
pear of confrontation.

When it comes to facts,
indisputable facts,
that he dislikes
he manages to ignore them completely,
There are none so blind
as those who will not see.

Polly Robinson © 2013


Six Foot Four – Sunflower


Image by lucapost via Flickr

Six Foot Four – Sunflower
What could be
a six foot four
of the Americas.

10 tonnes of Ai Weiwei’s
famous porcelain sunflower seeds!
10 tonnes,
a tenth of those
Tate Modern’s
Turbine Hall.

The perfect sunshine
yellow, fiery and proud,
stunning spirals
typically loud,
times thirty-four inside,
fifty-five outside,

Helianthus annuus
for birds,
for bread, medicine,
dyes, body paints,
sunflower oil,
livestock feed, latex
–yes, latex
six foot four!

Polly Robinson © 2015

To cheer up a miserable and overcast February afternoon, a rewrite of my 2012 poem about sunflowers, surely the most cheery of all :)


Dry January

Poetry is alive and well,
plus it’s Björn’s birthday – that’s so swell.
What celebrations there will be
lots to eat and drink; he’ll be merry,
unless he’s doing ‘Dry January,’
like folk in the UK for charity.
There are other ways to get a message across
without such promo’s and all that dross.
If we want to give, we’ll give and then
many will give and give again;
no need for novelties, or bigging up,
we just do it quietly, without all that truck.
Those who commit to a better world
can do without a public fuss unfurled,
they quietly get on with helping others,
not suggesting time needed to recover
from a month of no alcohol like we’re in prohibition.
All I say is…don’t make it a tradition.

Polly Robinson © 2015


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The Key

Helen’s reflection looked coldly at her,
knock, knock on the door–a visitor
perturbed her, disturbed her reverie.
She rose from the chair, put the mirror away
she wasn’t expecting a caller today.
‘Who’s there?’ she squinted through the spyhole

‘I’ve something for you,’ said George, he was bold.

‘George!’ she exclaimed, ‘I don’t want to argue,
‘Put my key in the letterbox–go! Go!’

‘Oh no,’ wheedled George, ‘not so quick my lady,
‘open the door, be civilized, your key
‘won’t be left, unless, immediately,
‘you open the door and talk to me.’

‘I won’t let you in,’ cried Helen, ‘the laptop!
‘You said you’d take it and I won’t let it go.’

‘Open the door, let me in, you madam,
‘how many times have I told you before?’

Polly Robinson © 2015

Another list of things to fit into a piece of writing from a recent workshop:

  • A laptop computer
  • An unexpected caller
  • A mislaid key
  • Helen
  • A confrontation
  • Reflection


Try it–it’s fun :)