Writings and Witterings

Rising Slowly


He takes his brain out every night
And puts it in a bucket
Each yellow ochre coloured cell
Emits a foul and fetid smell and starts to pound
Then starts to swell
Rising slowly

They’re locked by night and locked by day
Each thought in every cell
But each one can be clearly seen
With viscous matter in between, visible threading
Patterned, mean
Rising slowly

He finds the lock and turns the key
His tendencies concealed
His stares are made of wooden looks.
Logic soaking; bubbles rising; instinct reigns sublime
His intellect
Rising slowly

Polly Robinson © 1988


16 thoughts on “Rising Slowly

  1. Like this idea of being able to put the brain with all its worries and memories out, love the flow of your poem. 🙂


  2. wow…that was visual….smiles….intriguing as well to take ones brain out and examine it, and ugh a bit of darkness dances in this one…


  3. This is almost like what happens during sleep because between dreams and that “upon awakening” awareness it is as if we do a brain autopsy each night.


  4. Now, where does one find a vat to put the brain in? I need to know… 🙂 I had a friend who did a cartoon about a man who carried his brain by his side. It was hilarious. Your poem suggests other reasons why it might be worthwhile to take out one’s brain and lay it aside. The worries of life often cannot be shut off any other way.


  5. The temptation for me is to take a tweezer and pick through those yellow threads…ugh….interesting piece here!


  6. This is fantastic! You had every ounce of my attention, starting a poem like this: “he takes his brain out every night”

    Not only is this well written, but it is also interesting and gripping. It is a skill to write flowery poetry, but quite another to write engaging poetry.

    This is my favorite part:
    “He finds the lock and turns the key
    His tendencies concealed
    His stares are made of wooden looks.”

    I’m so glad his intellect begins to rise at the end and he’s able to salvage his brain, keeping it as his own.


    • Great to see such positive comment – thank you – so glad you found it engaging – you’ve picked out my own favourite part.

      Many thanks for your thoughts ~ Polly


  7. smiles…you know what…sometimes i would love to be able to take my brain out for a bit…just to stop pondering about things that may not be worth being pondered about at all..


  8. You really can’t help to read on after the first line. That’s about as good as it gets.

    And the goodness keeps on coming.

    Great work.


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