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Love Bites

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I’ve got to be an optimist
Happy through and through
To perpetually smile
And swing along with you
What times we have
Such good times glowing bright and new
Remnant embers shining
With sultry amber hue.

Remember the embers?
The soft and sultry glow?
Now crunch along life’s ashy path
Mind how the cinders blow
They’ll cut your eyes and make them bleed
For love has teeth that bite
These wounds will never ever heal
There are no words to help congeal
Or close those cold love bites.


Polly Robinson © 2011


One thought on “Love Bites

  1. Reblogged this on Polly and commented:

    I never knew that it’s one of his favourites – until now. So to celebrate our 14th anniversary, here it is again, G, just for you xxx


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