Writings and Witterings


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Off you go then, bugger off
Don’t think about me, will you?
Away you go on your holiday
While I stay here and stew, blue.

See me patient? See me wait?
Though it’s more than I can bear.
Get off my mind, you bloody man
Can I work with you sat there?

OK, OK, I’ll admit it
You’ll be missed like fire in hell.
Me? Fragmented? Torn apart?
No-one will be able to tell.

Mangled heart and squeezed out throat?
The pits? Depths of despair?
Don’t be bloody ridiculous
They’re here when you’re not there.

What to do without you?
How to cope with the heartache and pain?
Think positive, positive, positive
You’ll be back again.

Off you go then, bugger off
Take my spirit too.
Have a great time while you’re away.
Keep safe
I love you.

Polly Robinson © 2011


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