Writings and Witterings

Head to Core


‘You interest me, lady,’ he said
Dispassionate, ice eyes
She thrilled from head to core
The time, the place, the opportunity
Were his
‘Come up and see me,’ he said
Crooked smile, glint in ice eyes
She did
And so it started.

From head to core
She was afraid
‘You’re an animal,’ she said
The first time he hit her.

Ice eyes licked over her
From head to core
He hit her again
She wept.
‘You bore me,’ he said
Ice eyes dangerous
‘I’m leaving,’ she said
Shaken from head to core
She left
As he reached for the knife.

Polly Robinson © 2011


2 thoughts on “Head to Core

  1. I do like a narrative poem – and I like that you’ve left it to the reader’s imagination whether or not she made it out of the door before the knife struck… Creepy.


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