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Let’s Write a Blog


If you are of a musical bent, try this to the tune of Ella Fitzgerald’s , or more recently, Victoria Wood’s, ‘Let’s Do It …’’


Let’s Write a Blog

Holly and Alison do it
Catherine does it
Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn does it
Let’s do it, let’s write a blog

In Worcester
The best of the poets do it
Some from Malvern
And surrounds do it
Let’s do it, let’s write a blog

The writing set sans regret do it
And they consider it rum
Mr F McGonigal does it –
Bloggin’ of murderin’ chicks for fun

So poets do it, writers do it
Even educated mums do it
Let’s do it, let’s write a blog

Andrew does it, Maggie does it
most performers at events do  it
Let’s do it, let’s write a blog

Jackie Summers in US does it
And she considers it great
Sarah J and Angela do it –
Treating us to poetry and cake

So when will Suz do it?
Owen Fleet do it?
Other writers, those who tweet do it?
Let’s do it, let’s write a blog

Polly Robinson © 2012


16 thoughts on “Let’s Write a Blog

  1. I’m laughing so hard! Yes it’s great! Wonderful references for all your friends..I think i’m going to pee my pants.


  2. Ooops! Don’t do that Jackie :))) Glad you like it and thanks for commenting


  3. Found how to reply and to like!!
    Love it Polly. Have now got 2 ‘do it’ versions scrambling round my head. The Cole Porter and the Victoria Wood homage- having a good old fight between themselves.
    I do enjoy writing a blog- even though I’m not sure if I’m ‘doin it’ right. Thanks for all the links- will go and check out some more 🙂


  4. Couldn’t get Victoria Wood out of my head when I was writing it, must admit, but Ella / Porter got there miles before …
    I’m loving your blog, of course you’re doing it right – it’s so you – wish I could find out how to ‘like’ your posts on your blog, but it’s eluding me for a while.
    It’s great to see that you and Holly are visiting each other’s blogs and the blogs of others mentioned in mine 🙂


  5. This is brilliant Polly I laughed out loud when I read it! I would love it if you read it at a “Parole Parlate” one day, your work is amazing 🙂


  6. Ooh, want to do it tomorrow night just before the break, I can fit you in to do it if you like if it is just the one, and give you a full ten minute slot in February?


  7. OK, but it’ll take some audience participation! You’ll have to be ready to sing: ‘Let’s do it, let’s write a blog’ for me xx


  8. Now to only figure out how you were able to associate my name into my blog link. I can do a link, just have no idea how you were able to change it up. Very clever Miss Polly! 🙂


    • I don’t think I know how I did that – I’ll tell you what I did … I had your name in the blog, went to settings, highlighted your name, clicked on the ‘link’ icon and entered the website address of your blog … is that it?


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  11. Hi Polly – So sorry I missed this, especially as you’re kind enough to give me a mention. It sounds great fun. Was that your first time doing parole parlate? Did you enjoy it? I sing in an a cappella group and the rehearsals are on Thursdays, so it’s usually difficult to get there. Think I’m down to read again in April. But this sounds a good one 🙂


  12. Hi Lindsay, it was my first time at PP, no longer a PP virgin!! It was terrifying / exhilarating / fraught ( would the audience sing the riff? Yay!! They joined in like good ‘uns). And then the doubts afterwards, was it too ‘lightweight’ / not really poetry / fitting … but it was fun. Hope you can make it next time, and thanks for the comment 🙂


  13. Now if we had it recorded with your words and attached it to our blogs…
    What fun!


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