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Small Stones 1-7


I’m joining the River of Stones during January 2012 with Writing Our Way Home by writing a small stone every day in January. The idea is to notice something properly and then write it down. You can write it – your small stone – post it on the WROWH facebook page or send to the River of Stones blog.

The important thing is to notice, focus and write.

So, to start off, here are my first seven:

Sunday 1 January. Oil on water purple, blue, green, for a New Year’s day a myriad sheen.

Monday 2 January. Suet and seed feed siskins and scavenging squirrels.

Tuesday 3 January. Winter remains: two brown leaves on the naked silhouette of oak.

Wednesday 4 January. What happens to the boy holding the bird bath in winter?  He sleeps.

Thursday 5 January. If you have horrid and horrible can you have terrid and terrible?

Friday 6 January. Twelfth night and the vacuum is vomiting pungent prickly pine needles.

Saturday 7 January. Winter swing seat sits solid, finds solace in isolation.

Polly Robinson © 2012


4 thoughts on “Small Stones 1-7

  1. I’ve enjoyed these immensely, Polly. I really enjoy watching how writers begin to progressively open up in their small stones as each day progresses, like eyes slowly widening. I feel it in myself.


  2. Thank you for visiting, Jean, and for your kind comment


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  4. Thank you for sharing your blog


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