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Digby Jones – Sixways Friday 13 January 2012

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Lord Digby Jones with Deborah Tomkinson and Kathy Leather

Friday 13th may not the best date to organise an event, but what a great afternoon, lots of generous people, an interesting and thought-provoking talk from Lord Digby, a decent lunch, and a great contribution to the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.

Well done to Linda and the Vigornia organising team for all their hard work, thanks go to Sixways a great venue, a big thank you to Steve Lloyd for compering the event and to John Gibson for a fun and fundraising auction.  Thanks also to Mike Henley who is a past master of photography and adept at making people feel relaxed and look their best in his pics.  The Vigornia raffle ticket team had fun talking to the guests with great results, thank you to all of them with a special mention for Celia Gardner who dealt with the tearing and folding of tickets and the counting of monies.  Thanks also to all the Rotarians and friends not mentioned in person here, the list could go on ad infinitum!  All contributions were noted and we sincerely thank all involved.  Can’t leave this without thanking all the guests for coming along and supporting the event.

As the cash mounted up we all got more and more excited, as Kathy said, a couple of events like this in a year would be marvellous for Vigornia’s charities.  The last I heard around £15,000.000 has been raised with the probability of this figure growing as the accounts are completed.

None of this would have happened without the determination of Deborah Tomkinson, the woman who met Digby Jones on a cruise and talked to him about breast cancer and the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.  After quite a search for a Rotary club prepared to organise the event at Sixways, Deborah found Vigornia.  Vigornians were enthusiastic about the prospect of a lunch with Digby and in just three months the volunteer committee took the idea from concept to reality demonstrating what working together can achieve.

This event will make a huge difference to the total raised for the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign this year.  And all because people know they can trust Rotarians to organise an event.

Make a difference?  You bet.  Well done team and congratulations on the outstanding success of this venture.


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