Writings and Witterings

For You



To my darling friend,
Who has found
Unlooked for love
And is

‘I really, really, really like him!  It’s scary.’

His lips brush hers
Grazed by teeth and tongues.
Eyes seek the other’s
Lurching into the depths
Of passion so profound
It tingles like touch paper,
Lights up like fireworks.
Onlookers gasp
And are reminded
By the glances,
The hand holds,
The secret smiles,
… if they are lucky.
Yet unlike fireworks,
This smoulder may never stop,
But develop into the soft glow
Of a friendship,
Started before passion’s presence.
Fortitude helps feelings
Embed, so time
Makes them only richer,
More wondrous,
As you move together
To meet the other.
Relish every instant,
Enjoy the emotion,
Make the moments memorable.
Don’t be scared,
Be happy, happy, happy.
What are those who cannot
Let go?
Who live lives of regret
With ‘if only’ and ‘what if?’

And the poorer for it.

Would it last only a mote
In the magnitude of mortal life,
Each precious second
Is for you.
It is for you.
A desert needs
Only water to grow;
The seeds are
Nurture them,
Let go.
Make love welcome,
Love it,
Be it.
Take your chance
Now is not the time
For a backward glance.

Polly Robinson © 2012


16 thoughts on “For You

  1. i like your wisdom to your friend…how will you know if you never try….let go and let it happen or let it not but it will do nothing if you don’t let it…smiles….


    • Ah, Brian, how wise you are ~ we can never know what will happen ~ making myself laugh now, of course we can’t and yet we seem to want to have more control than ever we do … I believe that sometimes that leap into the unknown is the most important … what a strange life we have … we philosophise yet in the end do the best we can do at the time …

      Thank you so much for commenting.


  2. This is such a lovely poem to write for your friend. Takes courage to actually allow ourselves to really let go completely and love fully. I hope she did.


  3. Such lovely inspirational thoughts here, Polly. Thank you my friend.


  4. Truth – beautiful and tangible. What are we made for but for this. What else takes precedent, carries past mortal life? Nothing. Beautifully expressed and written.


  5. What nice thoughts you’ve expressed Gay ~ and some beautifully posed questions.

    Thank you so much for visiting and for your comments.


  6. love how you encourage your friend…it takes the leap into the unknown and often we’re so afraid..but if we never jump, how can we know..? beautifully penned polly


  7. I love the saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” It is so absolutely true! As pertains to love, I lived much of my life in doubt and fear, and when I was finally able to cast them off, I felt the sun on my face like the hands of God had come out of the sky to touch my cheeks.
    Beautiful write, Polly. I love it!


  8. Good luck to your friend! Take care with advice! All so difficult! Wonderful poem though k.


  9. Let chance give you love or a cold night – both will teach lessons


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