Writings and Witterings



Her hair is
Like silk,
Skeins of silk,
Swatches of silk,
Sassy, saffron swathes
Of silk

Her skin is
Like milk,
Mesmerising milk,
Mellifluous milk,
Molten, murderous, mouthfuls
Of milk

Her eyes
Are like glass,
Glorious glass,
Gregarious glass,
Gorgeous, sea-green galleons
Of glass

Her mouth
Is like fruit,
Fabulous fruit,
Fecund fruit,
Fearsome, fuckworthy froth
Of fruit

Her hands are
Like spiders,
Sensual spiders,
Spendthrift spiders,
Soft, sultry sprawls
Of spiders

Her mind is
Like money,
Manic money
Meticulous money,
Malevolent, minxy morass
Of money.

An image …
Do not touch.

Polly Robinson © 2012


6 thoughts on “Her

  1. This one has really stuck in my head, so had to come back and reread – I love alliteration!


  2. Thanks Holly, this is one of Geoff’s faves


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog in France: http://foundinfrance.wordpress.com. Perhaps you will check out my other one: http://poetryphotosandmusingsohmy.wordpress.com

    I shall look reading more of your work.

    Regards, Lea


  4. Now that is a worthy poem!!! Love it!!!


  5. Thanks for your note, glad you liked ‘Her’. I like your Scissor Happy poem, Colette – cool.


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