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Head of Hera with diadem. Marble, Roman copy f...

Flaminia holds the hearts and bones,

Of martyred Saints of Terni and Rome,

Who celebrate Lupercalia,

In the month of Gamelion,

For the marriage, or sacrifice,

Of fertility

And the love of Grecian Gods;

Promiscuous Zeus,

Solemn Hera.

Who would be solemn?

Husband and wife,

Brother and sister;

Who would be promiscuous?

Oh, celebrate the archaic rite

Of fertility and sacrifice,

With heart-shapes struck with Cupid’s spite.

Polly Robinson © 2012

English: Amor stringing his bow, Roman copy af...


2 thoughts on “Gamelion

  1. Wow! Amazing Polly, I really like it!


  2. Thanks, Stacey, I think it an acquired taste … maybe one needs to know a little about myth before it can be appreciated …


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