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Insurance or, as Terry Pratchett would say, inn-sewer-ants, companies!  Having spent an hour on the phone last May to a company listening to their pathetic ‘we must tell you this …’ conversation, ten minutes in and I was losing the will to live.  Constant ass-sewer-antses of ‘just a couple more questions’ led me in the end to virtually throw the phone at my other half to complete the transaction as I had an appointment to attend; after several false starts as they insisted it was me they had to speak to ‘for data protection purposes’, I got to my appointment ten minutes late.  I don’t do late.   On reflection, the following day, it became clear that I couldn’t be doing with an inn-sewer-ants company who took so long for what was or should have been a simple transaction.  I decided to cancel the policy within their 14 day period.  This done, I got a full refund and a letter confirming that all the transactions made had been cancelled … Oh yeah.

Today, checking my bank statement, I saw to my horror that a payment had gone out to the inn-sewer-ants company.  I checked through earlier statements.  Sure enough, the same unauthorised amount had been taken from my account every month for the past several months.

On the phone, I listen to another load of garbage about how they have to tell me this that and other crap ‘to meet FSA requirements’.  I gently explain I am not interested, just want a full refund.  Still they insist on going through another load of claptrap, which is, evidently, recorded ‘for training purposes’.

Now before some kind soul tells me the children in the call centres are only doing their job, let me ass-sewer you that as one who has run call centres, I know that.  Their letter tells me my policy is cancelled, it apologises profusely.  Today they have the gall to tell me if I want to continue with it they will cut the price by half!  At this point, I become incensed; livid barely begins to describe my fury.  Now, not only do they admit that they have taken money without my permission they are telling me I have been overcharged in the first place!  Highly indignant! Nay. Outraged!

I will calm down in a while…  My refund cheque will get here within the next 10 days, they have said so, so it must be true.  Watch this space.

Polly Robinson © 2012


One thought on “Inn-sewer-ants

  1. The cheque has arrived … I should feel that this has restored my faith in human nature … I should … End.


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