Writings and Witterings

Timeless River


A summer evening by the River Severn in Worcester

Five past six, a light, bright eve,
Down by the river, not far from town.

Currents cross eddies and sunlit shadows cast
Under a bridge arc dipple dapple age-worn brick.

Busy bridge, shades and silhouettes:
Lorries, buses, cars, like dumpy insects, see the workers back home.

Swan cornets to mate, glides against the flow;
Muzzy, scuzzy surface conceals Cathedral far below.

Fish chobble chunky bread, nibble, plop, plink;
Ripples swirl and shine on scales, flashy fishy silver tails.

Crickets whisper leg-to-leg through the scent of mown grass;
A slick of greeny bluey purple drifts past.

Twilight stealths in dusky summer scents;
Down by the river, not far from town.

Polly Robinson © 2012



3 thoughts on “Timeless River

  1. Really excellent work! Wonderful poem. 😀


  2. Very sensory and very true to the scene! Ah, where’s summer gone?


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