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So Excited! With thanks to Catherine Crosswell


kreativ blogger award

Gosh, *blush* – I’ve got something to tell you – so excited!  I have an award!  Thank you to the multi-talented Catherine Crosswell of Cupcake Perusings who has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award.

Evidently, part of the deal or ‘one of the conditions of the award’ is to share six random facts about myself then nominate 2 or 3 blogsters to carry along the award baton if they so wish.  So, here goes, six random facts:

  1. I met someone I thought would be special at a creative writing class way back when – didn’t pan out.
  2. I’m an inveterate researcher so had to find out where the Kreativ Blogger Award began – the originator was a Norwegian blogger called Hulda according to Kreativ Blogger SimonFoodFavourites and many others.
  3. I once fell down a pothole and tore every ligament in my left ankle – indescribably painful – almost as painful as all those clever folk who kept assuring me ‘you’d have been better to break it.’ Grrrrr.
  4. I wanted to live in Oregon when I was growing up – too many John Wayne movies, I guess.
  5. My daughter calls me ‘arty farty’ (heh-heh)
  6. I met Bernard Bresslaw at a Round Table fete in Malvern donks ago, he was very, very tall with enormous feet.

And finally, my nominations for the Kreativ Blogger Award are:

The talented lovely Holly Magill

Amazing Stacey ‘Eve Redwater’


11 thoughts on “So Excited! With thanks to Catherine Crosswell

  1. Congratulations Polly! Very well deserved! 😀


  2. Aren’t the nicknames our children choose for us delightful? Lucky for you I won’t debase your lovely website by listing some of the names my teenage son calls me 🙂


  3. hahahahahahaha :)))) they are a real joy :))) keep smiling :))) xx


  4. Gosh! Many, many thanks, Polly, Oh wearer of fantastic hats and handler of unexpected rods. You are wonderful, blogly and as a friend. 🙂


  5. Many thanks for the nomination. I’m actually about to embark upon a second blog which will be running throughout the run up to the Olympics and during the ten days I’m down there working on the Photo team of Press Operations.

    These things aren’t so much blogs as stream of consciousness: a chance to simply throw out your thoughts and plans. I’d recommend anyone to blog. Its extremely therapeutic.


  6. Congratulations Polly! Job well done. Now, back to work. 🙂


  7. Congratulations on your well deserved award Polly 🙂


  8. Thank you Maryanne 🙂


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