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Audio – 42 – 22 February 2012


Having decided to take a video recording of 42, and with the performers agreement, a disaster occurred!  The camcorder didn’t want to play.  Plan B.  Get the audio recorder out.  I have a result.  Happily, it contains the performances of both Jackie Summers’ and Phaedra L. Nicolaisen-Ballard’s work, also Catherine Crosswell, and Andrew Owens.


Catherine Crosswell
Andrew Owens
John Taylor reading Jackie Summers
Polly Robinson reading Phaedra L. Nicolaisen-Ballard
Suz Winspear

However, I haven’t yet found the app that will allow me to publish it.  Maybe I’ll find one in due course.  We’ll have to see.


4 thoughts on “Audio – 42 – 22 February 2012

  1. Hi Polly! Have you tried you-tube? I don’t know what you have for your photos. I have I-photo, and I-movie. I am able to download movies from my camcorder, then edit them in I-movie and send them to FB. Some video cameras have software now that allow you to directly upload to you tube. Do hope you can manage it. It would be so lovely to see it live! 🙂


  2. Hi Jackie, yep, tried all that. The problem is that it is audio only. Audio does not upload onto YouTube. I’ve tried adding it to Geoff’s pics from the night but it shortens the audio [which makes nonsense of it]. The audio file is enormous, some 58.5MB, so impossible to email. Still trying to find a work-around – let me know if you have any other suggestions please, I’d love to share it with you, you’re the reason I took the equipment to the event! 🙂


  3. Hello Polly, Pls let me know when you find a way around this dilemma. I’m am so excited to hear you reading my poems. Thanks!!


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