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‘Rising Slowly’ to be published


Thought you’d like to hear my latest news – Holly told me off for not telling you all about it – so here it is …

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

The news is that ‘Rising Slowly’ is to be published in the USA arts and entertainment magazine ‘The Eerie Digest’ so, let’s celebrate with special thanks to Glenn James for encouraging me to send it in.

Rising Slowly

He takes his brain out every night
And puts it in a bucket,
Each yellow ochre coloured cell
Emits a foul and fetid smell and starts to pound
Then starts to swell,
Rising slowly.

They’re locked by night and locked by day
Each thought in every cell,
But each one can be clearly seen,
With viscous matter in between, visible threading
Patterned, mean,
Rising slowly.

He finds the lock and turns the key,
His tendencies concealed,
His stares are made of wooden looks.
Logic soaking; bubbles rising; instinct reigns sublime,
His intellect,
Rising slowly.

Polly Robinson © 2012


3 thoughts on “‘Rising Slowly’ to be published

  1. Wow, Polly! Congratulations! I’m so pleased for you.
    The poem is really interesting, if a bit painful to read.


  2. Thanks Lindsay – I don’t think the poem would be working if you didn’t find it a bit painful to read! 🙂


  3. Yay! And thanks for the mention. Happy to see this poem getting a well deserved wider audience. 🙂


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