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Chick Lit


This poem was inspired by a writing exercise set by Worcester Writers’ Circle and is definitely a poem that would never have been written but for the challenge to ‘write something about…’ and the topic given on Worcester Writers’ Circle’s webpage.  So, we were asked to write about: Nice muscles! (Genre: Chick Lit).  Hmmm, can’t say I read or write much Chick Lit, so my mind went off in a different direction – nothing about ‘Nice Muscle’ (the only muscle exercised was the writing muscle) – here is the result.

Chick Lit,
Lick chit,
Chip stick,
Sick lit,
Chit lick,
Lip trick,
Fit chick,
Chick Lit?
Oh fick it,
Chiclets is chewing gum.

Polly Robinson © 2012

Chiclets candies, made by Cadbury Adams.

Chiclets chewing gum, made by Cadbury Adams.


6 thoughts on “Chick Lit

  1. You took me back to my childhood with this one! Do they still make Chiclets?


  2. They do! Wonder if they still taste the same …


  3. heh-heh, thanks Collette 🙂


  4. This is great! I love your humor and that you didn’t hold back from a unique style that I am sure was beyond any of the others that did this challenge. Great job. I intend to come back and read more of your writings!



  5. Most of the others who wrote (not many, it has to be said!) did something about Nice Muscles and to the theme and I found myself almost apologising for ‘spoofing it up’! It was a fun evening with much laughter. Good to see you here, Cindy, and thank you for commenting, come back any time, you’re welcome.


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