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He Drinks Blood


Written for 42’s birthday bash – theme: Nosferatu

blood, human, splatter, drops

You will know him by his powers,
His inhuman speed,
His sinister silence,
The way he can fly at the flick of an eyelid;
By his ability to conceal himself in the shadows,
His talon-like claws,
Very sharp,
Made for tearing flesh.

Just know that he has to drink blood.
He has to drink blood,
Or age fast,
Falling to dust if no blood is found.
But then, you will know him by …
He cannot tolerate garlic,
Can’t abide sunlight or crosses
And to him, water is loathsome, it dilutes his power.

He drinks blood;
Coppery-tasting human blood,
Rich, carmine human blood,
It is mine he seeks now.

I sense him getting closer,
Secreted in the darkest shadows,
Concealed by the cloaks in the closet,
Hidden beyond the hat stand in the hallway
Stalking, slowly up the stairs

– Silent –

He waits for me to fall asleep.
I know it,
Yet can stay awake but for
A few minutes more.
It has been 11 days
– 264 hours –
I cannot keep my eyes
Open much longer,
Even though,
I know,
The moment they close,
He will siphon the life
Out of me.
He has tried twice,
I am so weak.

Cold, cold, icily cold, he draws the blood from my soul.

He drinks blood;
Coppery-tasting human blood,
Rich, carmine human blood,
It is mine he drinks now.

Polly Robinson © 2012


16 thoughts on “He Drinks Blood

  1. Last night’s performance was the first time I’d heard this. Loved it.


  2. Hey, I know that guy. He’s my self-doubt conscience. 😉

    In all seriousness though, I really liked this piece. Dark and descriptive.


  3. heh-heh … yeah, I know what you mean 🙂

    Glad you liked it Carrie.


  4. Verrrrrry nice. I particularly enjoyed the repetition at the end, as those lines deserve a second roll over the tongue for emphasis. Almost makes one thirsty for a taste of blood too…


  5. Holly Magill! You are soooooo bad! I love you 🙂 xx


  6. ooooohhhhhhhhhh! w ai ti n g for the bite!


  7. You won’t have to wait long … will you close your eyes tonight? wah-hahahahahaha … 🙂


  8. oh my goodness…the repetition in this is so creepy…and the thought of staying awake for 11 days…omg….very nicely done….


  9. Wow! Thanks Brian, really pleased you like it – there’s an audio, too 🙂

    Thanks for your comments


  10. This is definitely one poem that should be listened to – with its impact doubling as it’s performed aloud.


  11. whew this is creepy…staying awake for so long…the fear…also like that you included the copper taste…made it even more real and spooky


  12. Great description of the blood! “Coppery-tasting human blood, / Rich, carmine human blood, / It is mine he drinks now.”


  13. Brilliant, brilliantly read as well as written.
    I am so impressed.


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