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Indoors with Ludi Cereales


The unpredictable Spring weather – we’d been rained upon, had hail, high winds and thunder through the day – meant we took Ludi Cereales indoors, so no campfire.  A brilliant evening with many performers entertaining, great food, lots of bread (well, it was Ludi Cereales!) and much to drink – a true celebration of Spring.  Many thanks to Worcester Vigornia Rotary, 42 and Parole Parlate for creating such a great event.

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4 thoughts on “Indoors with Ludi Cereales

  1. Sounds great, Polly. Wish I could have been there!


  2. Sounds like Mother Nature is being a bit unpredictable everywhere. We had snow last week on the apple, cherry and pear blossoms. Thunder, lightening and rain couple of days later.
    Glad the weather didn’t cancel your event. Looks like a wonderful evening 😉


  3. It was great fun Ann – we seem to be back to more seasonal weather ‘eh?


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