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Thank you MarinaSofia for the Award






My thanks to the lovely MarinaSofia, who has nominated my blog for a Liebster Award ‘for variety, versatility and encouraging activity’, many thanks Marina, how kind.

Here is the quote that seems to appear on most Liebster Award blogs:

“The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, Liebster meaning favourite or dearest, to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting the award the recipient can then pass it on to five more blogs of note. A way of introducing other bloggers to the blogs you enjoy.”

Simple enough, yes?  Well, I immediately thought of  bloggers whom I would love to nominate for the award, but where could I find how many ‘followers’ they had?  For some it was clear that they already had 200+  followers, all well-deserved IMHO.  So on the basis that rules are meant to be broken, honorary Liebsters are awarded to those nominated below who have reached such elevated heights and for those who haven’t as yet because they will – as another blogger said ‘nobody seems to know who started this thing … I don’t think the Liebster police will come after me …’ for giving a ‘bigger’ blog recognition and respect!

My nominations are for friends who either started this journey with me, or have been part of it in their own special way.  Apparently, I cannot nominate the person who nominated me.  I’ve been following Marina over the past few weeks;  it’s really hard to make your mark when starting a blog and this is a great way to spread the word, so here’s a plug for Marina’s blog, just follow the link ‘findingtimetowrite’.

And here are the five bloggers that I am sending the Liebster Award to:

Holly Magill of hollyanne gets poetic we started our blogs and started performing our work locally around the same time – so glad we met.

Catherine Crosswell of Cupcake Perusings who deserves mega-plaudites, she’s that good at composing and performing, and a jolly good egg too (just read the review on Gary’s blog Garyswordz, oops, snuck one in there!)

Jenny Soppet-Smith a friend of many years standing, with her blog Cheetahs in My Shoes – living with the imaginary menagerie and all that it entails – based on the stories of The Cheetah Keeper, a small boy who, in order to make sense of  life’s chaos and his assorted medical problems, discovered a pair of (imaginary) cheetahs living in his trainers.

Ann Marquez, who writes under Calliope’s Tablet, a more recent friend whose posts I look forward to reading.

And the talented Corey Booth from Aberdare, his blog ClownRhymes is always welcomed and read with interest and enjoyment, his poetry is stunning.  He’s also running a Poetry Challenge  just now – recommended 🙂

Thank you again to Marina – hope everyone enjoys taking a look at the great blogs above and continues to look forward to my work.


14 thoughts on “Thank you MarinaSofia for the Award

  1. Congratulations on your award. Well deserved 🙂


  2. Aaaw, thank you, Polly! I too wondered if it had something to do with ‘liebster=dearest’, but, unlike you, I did not do the research. How funny to find out that two of your nominees were two of the blogs I really enjoy reading and was thinking of nominating. Seems we like reading the same sort of things. Will check out the others you recommended now…


  3. Ooh, great news that you’d already noticed a couple of my favourites – there must be soooo many blogs out there, and yet we’re drawn to particular ones. I’ve been away all weekend so it was lovely to come home to your nomination, thanks again Marina 🙂


  4. Thank you Polly and I applaud Marina for picking you!
    Some interesting pages to explore here… 🙂


  5. Congratulations, Polly! Very well deserved. You are a fave of mine. 😀
    Thank you so very much for nominating me. I’m all smiles!!! 😀
    I’ll try (really really hard) to think of something [halfway] brilliant to post [okay, probably won’t be brilliant, but will be something] and I’ll pass it on ASAP 😀
    Today was a very difficult day or I would’ve thanked you sooner. 😉 Thanks again! 😀


  6. Polly, you are the 200th “like” on my blog site! Seems like I owe you an award for that 😀 Hmmm… 😉


    • I’m liking that I’m the 200th ‘like’ on your blog, Ann. I don’t think I have anything like that number … never know where to look for such info (!) Thank you for all your lovely comments 🙂


      • I like that too 😀
        Last month WordPress started this thing of sending notices of major milestones (to keep us going) … in the “notifications” area. Do you know where that is?
        I’ve been blogging for over 2 years so it’s actually sad that it’s taken so long to get to 200. And without you, I still wouldn’t be there. 😉 LOL


  7. heh-heh, moot point, since you are there and I am here (!) In response to your question … no idea (doh!) [does it really matter? I’m afraid I cannot convince myself that, in the larger scheme of things, it does]. So, basically, we’re here and we don’t know where to look for some stuff – does anyone care? This is not to say that I don’t care, I should love to know all this stuff, but just don’t have time to search for it! ‘Tis the writing that matters! Oh yeah 🙂


  8. Congratulations Polly. It is a great feeling to be recognised so, by fellow bloggers. Enjoy 🙂


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