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I see it
In my mind’s eye,
We’re at a fete
With a global positioning system;
I turn
But you’re not there.
Where did you go?
Did you do it
The voice said
‘… A u-turn when possible’?
You cannot share
‘Take the exit’.

Polly Robinson © 2012

Busy Christmas Fayre


6 thoughts on “SatNav

  1. Love it. Hate sat navs. We don’t own one and I’m resisting womanfully (I am chief mapreader in our car!!) but when we have had to use one, we’ve always ended up arguing with it. And it got confused. And the voice got more and more annoying repeating, “turn right, turn right” with my husband going, “I don’t want to turn right” and me saying, “the mapbook says straight on.” Goes who was right in the end. Exactly. Great poem!


  2. Again another great poem!
    Polly I’m going to start a weekly post on my blog called “The Guest” where I’ll be asking one of my favourite bloggers each week just one or two questions then putting one of their poems up (New or old it’s their choice) and since I’ve enjoyed reading your work of late and you are the most recent winner of “The Poetry Challenge” I thought you would be the perfect person to ask to kick it off 🙂
    Get back to me if interested or not either on here or on email cjbwork@hotmail.co.uk whatever is easiest for you 🙂


  3. Yikes – it’s like being all alone in a crowd, walking in circles.


  4. Haha Sat Nav’s. Mine has taken me on many an adventure – and not in a good way! Mine once told me to take a U turn on a dual carriageway :/

    Brilliant verse – made me smile and ‘affectionately’ think of my little box of trickery! 🙂


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