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Still – the likes of these


Well, I may have fallen behind with the napowrimo challenge over the past couple of weeks, but here’s me making up for it already!

The challenge from napowrimo on 26 April was to write an elegy.  Napowrimo say ‘Classically, an elegy is a poem written in response to someone’s death, a poem of mourning and remembrance. Your elegy can be about a specific person, a group of people, a pet, a plant, even an idea.’

My elegy is about the likes of these …

Still – the likes of these

They went slowly, slowly
Fading, one by one,
Their lights burnt away,
Before the sun
Shone upon
The light of future day.

At their prime
They made a difference,
Helped others from far and wide,
Selflessly gave time and patience,
Their motto truth,
Goodwill, they tried.

They will always be remembered
By those beneficiaries,
Those who looked in disbelief
Were there still
The likes of these?
Yet, their death, a fond release.

Polly Robinson © 2012


10 thoughts on “Still – the likes of these

  1. Beautiful… The last stanza particularly.


  2. Marvelous ! Sincerely Deborah


  3. The last stanza, yes. It’s interesting what appears when you write to someone else’s ‘idea’.

    Thanks for the comment, Holly 🙂


    • No probs – was this a Writers’ Circle commission then? I say, because you mention another person’s idea.


      • Hi Holly, sorry I haven’t responded before, just got back from a wedding – and very lovely it was too.

        The idea is given to you by napowrimo – they publish something daily for you to write about, what I referred to as ‘someone else’s idea’. It’s designed to be helpful and for the most part it is, but it remains someone else’s idea rather than something that you have been inspired to write about in the usual run of things.

        Actually, I quite like it. It’s somehow easier to rise to a challenge than to have to come up with something off the cuff as it were. I don’t generally reckon much to being told what to do, but when it’s one’s own choice to either use their idea or to come up with something else it’s OK – I know, I’m perverse! 🙂


      • Lovely Polly – no need to apologise, as you are allowed a life! 😉 Ah, the Napowrimo – I looked at that and then got sidetracked (there might have ben a 50s style prom dress involved…) but I am much enjoying the responses of others for the daily themes. 🙂


  4. The Likes of These, could be anyone,
    but not anyone who could fill those shoes, I’d bet.


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