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Beautifu* *ut*aw


Napowrimo’s Day 24 challenge was to create a lipogram/Beautiful Outlaw/Beautiful In-Law.   They explained that ‘A lipogram is a poem that explicitly refrains from using certain letters. The most classic letter to swear off, at least for English speakers, is “e.” A Beautiful Outlaw is a variation on a lipogram, wherein you refrain from using any of the letters in a certain name. For example, if you chose the name Sarah, then you could not use s, a, r, or h. A Beautiful In-Law is another variant, wherein you only use the letters in a certain name (better pick a long name!)

Irresistible really, and lending itself to a guessing game!  One must use a name for A Beautiful Outlaw, who can work out the name that the following Beautiful Outlaw denotes?

Beautifu* *ut*aw

The first is a character
When with ‘h’ gives an ‘f’ swish
And can be shhhhh, mute;
The next is as a maw
Taut in amazement,
Tight in enchantment;
Three and quatre
Standing straight trees;
Wh … wh …
What is the finis?

Polly Stretton © 2012

River Polly


12 thoughts on “Beautifu* *ut*aw

  1. Hmm, it wouldn’t be “Polly” would it? 😉


  2. heh-heh – you could well be right, David 🙂


  3. I’d be cheating if I guessed your name 🙂 x


  4. Amazing ! I can only reach your name 😦 Wish i were better at this.


  5. Ha, Obvious really. I was thinking too hard for a while there, POLLY.


  6. Hover your cursor over the picture …


  7. Haha, I thought the first clue was referring to G (like in the word “enough”). So I got kind of a silly answer…


  8. These things are never quite as simple as they look 🙂


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