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‘Hay(na)ku’ say napowrimo, ‘is a verse form similar to the haiku, invented by Eileen Tabios.  The hay(na)ku form is pretty easy.  Each hay(na)ku contains three lines.  The first line has one word, the second line has two words, and the third line has three words. You can chain hay(na)ku together into multi-verse poems’.

Here’s my contribution, just eight days late …


In writing
For napowrimo twenty-one

Polly Robinson © 2012


4 thoughts on “Hay(na)ku

  1. Thanks for this Polly, it has terrific monmentum for so few words. Makes me thinks I should have enrolled in NaPoWriMo myself.


  2. can I ask, is ms.eileen tabios a Filipino? any link from her? “Hay naku” is a Tagalog expression for “oh,life” or “what life is this?”..it invokes a lot of feelings actually..for example, her haiku says she’s late for her napowrimo entry, that frustrates her and made her say, “hay naku..”…. just so you know 🙂


    • Good morning jymiely, the only information I have on Hay(na)ku is from napowrimo who said ‘For more on the history of hay(na)ku, take a look here‘ Follow the link to the site on the word ‘here’.

      What an interesting story you tell of Eileen Tabios – I hope you can find out more about her through this link. Happy browsing 🙂


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