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The Final Frontier

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Napowrimo’s prompt for Day 28.  ‘In 1958, Gaston Bachelard published The Poetics of Space. In some ways, it was a book about architecture.  But Bachelard’s book wasn’t about angles and sight lines and how to make sure your roof stays on straight.  It was about the experience of spaces, their psychological and perceptive implications’.

I am using poetic licence with this one, since nothing made me want to write about ‘the high vaulted ceilings of the cathedral, the low, cozy beamed roof of the cottage. Drawers, closets, the insides of seashells … A box that opens, a box that closes — the sense of space revealed and concealed …’ even though all are fascinating and, on another day, in another frame of mind, these things would get me going … but not today.  So today, space for me is about the final frontier.  I hope you like it.

At the 2012 Space Foundation Student Art Contest, Raquel Arens won 2nd place in the 6th-8th grade Painting category. The judges also awarded Raquel the Space Foundation Achievement Award.

The Final Frontier

Explore the planets, black holes and more,
astonomy within and outside the door,
investigate stars and space,
keep on par, in pace
with the latest discoveries,
beneaths and aboveries.
Space where e’er we go.
The biosphere the surface,
the biomass lurking below.

Polly Stretton © 2012


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