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Lindsay’s pearl


Lindsay asks for ‘pearls’ for her String of Pearls.  This is based on, to quote Lindsay ‘the River of Stones organised by Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita at Writing Our Way Home in January. I … am grateful to Fiona and Kaspa for the opportunity’.

All you have to do is look and see, notice and focus, write something.  Lindsay plans to thread them onto a necklace, what a lovely idea, why not join in if you have a mo?

I notice that many participants focus on nature so I wanted to do something a little different [though, on reflection, it may not be so different after all!]

Here is my pearl:

Dusty album of photos to grasp and squeeze heartstrings. Tears of remembered joy catch in the throat. Echoes of my own children’s laughter float to me as if on yesterday’s breeze.

Polly Robinson © 2012


8 thoughts on “Lindsay’s pearl

  1. Pearls and stones, awareness, simplicity.
    I love your pearl … “memories of children’s laughter.”


  2. A pearl indeed. Simply stated and touched my heart, especially your children’s laughter… Thanks, Polly! Peace, Amy


  3. Heart-touching. My youngest son graduated kindergarten today and I cried. He is growing up so fast. One day, he will be five, in a dusty photo, bringing tears to my eyes. I will miss his five-year oldness then! Beautiful.


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