Writings and Witterings

Two HIMericks



Not hersters
With meat and two veg
Reading this verster
Last or this yearster
Better than cutting the hedge!

Polly Robinson © 2012

Blue Toothbrush

Darling, politician
Made a startling rendition
Of ‘I’m a Blue Toothbrush’
For a boring politician
This wondrous mission
Ensured he was known as a lush!

Polly Robinson © 2012

Colette created a new form, the ‘HIMerick’; she sometimes opens her blog Felt-Tip Fountain Pen but just in case you can’t get there, here are the rules and some examples from Colette:

Rules for the HIMerick,
a loosely limerick-ish form:

A male should be the subject.
If the subject is female, the poem must have a male chromosome in there somewhere.
It must be very humorous and/or nonsensical.
It must be 6 lines, of any meter.
Lines 1, 2, 4, and 5 must be of shorter meter, and must rhyme with each other.
Lines 3 and 6 should be of longer meter and must rhyme with each other.
It may or may not be titled, at the poet’s discretion.
It should make me laugh on the outside.
It must make me laugh on the inside.*

Get HIMerickin’!


Lorena Bobbit
was a hobbit
about 59 inches tall.
If I had a bobbit,
she’d probably rob it,
and then I’d be 2 inches tall!

Colonel Sanders
met the standards
for chicken à la King.
Twwo bystanders –
reprimanders –
warned against frying his wing.

Isaac Newton
saw Fig Newtons
fall from yonder tree.
Those Fig Newtons
ripped him new ones
in the seam of his theory.


Try your hand at making Colette LOTO and LOTI! Just write a HIMerick and post it here 🙂

All it needs to be is humorous and / or nonsensical

It’s fun writing nonsense!


13 thoughts on “Two HIMericks

  1. as i read the first two lines, i smiled earlobe to earlobe, then scrolled down in comment box to say this… hehe, will finish reading the rest 🙂


  2. Go for it jymiely, you’ve a good start with your last comment!


  3. Oooh, I don’t know, the first one seems not nonsense at all, quite serious to me (at least in our house!).


  4. Thumbs up Blue Toothbrush 😀


  5. Ha Ha Polly thanks for the funny HIMericks!

    To your other commenter, the rules shouldn’t be fussed over as much as reading a few examples, then trying one. And having fun! 🙂


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