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Update on Ghoulish Easter Competition


Carrie and Holly, Wendy completed our story in the Ghoulish Easter Competition, please take a look and let me have your views on what we should do with it.  Would like ideas from all reading this post, your thoughts would be very welcome as this is a first for me (!)  You can find a copy of the jointly created story on this blog, just search for ‘Ghoulish Easter Competition’.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂


7 thoughts on “Update on Ghoulish Easter Competition

  1. Yes, I’m good with publishing it on blog and/or ebook.


  2. Sorry–I just realized I forgot to check back in on it. I’m fine with whatever you’d like to do with it. Thanks again for a fun idea.


  3. This was fun to read. Well done, all!


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