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Audio—The Robin Song


Happy Sunday afternoon to everyone.

Lindsay said she’d like to hear The Robin Song so you’ll find an audio file here dedicated  to Lindsay.

I’m still experimenting with the visuals for audio files and am very much learning about how to do this, hints and tips would be welcome.

I would also like to hear your thoughts on whether audios add a dimension to or detract from the poem in its written form.

So, you will see below a link entitled ‘audio file’, which, if you click on it, should open up in YouTube.

Audio file


14 thoughts on “Audio—The Robin Song

  1. Great fun, Polly! Well done. Pam Ayres had better look out – she’s got competition!
    And thanks so much for the dedication – how lovely.


  2. I really enjoy these audio poems. And I guarantee, if you get tired of your current lot in life, you could have a career in recording audiobooks for authors. Or voiceovers. Absolutely gorgeous speaking voice.


    • *blush*, thank you kindly, Carrie – it may be a touch late for a change of career, but thank you for your lovely comments – I’m also interested in whether audios of poems add something to or distract from the written word, so if anyone has anything to say along those lines I’d like to know, please.


      • Although I am far from a poetry expert, in my opinion the audio adds to the written word. Is more lyrical and piques the senses. Jumps out and grabs hold of me. 🙂


  3. Oooh, I’m all for jumping out and grabbing hold!

    G says the audio adds a dimension and let’s one hear how the writer imagines it will be read, he says that sometimes he’s unsure of where the inflections go until he hears me read a poem, so thinks he misses something on occasion until he’s heard it. There are other ‘purist’ views though …

    Thanks for coming back with your thoughts, Carrie.


  4. Well done, Ma’am !
    Your voice modulation and pitch is accurate and your accent really compliments the poem !


  5. I love it! I think it adds to the poem. I love your voice. I would love to listen to an entire tape.
    I learned all of the audio stuff to record my book trailer (on my own) and then recorded the audio workshop in an actual recoding studio. Since I don’t use it every day, I really have to refresh my memory about it all. But I’m curious how you recorded the first one “He Drinks Blood” (is that right? and this one? You asked for hints, tips with the visuals so I’m wondering how you are learning so far?
    I may have some suggestions for learning resources.
    BUT YES … record … the purists can always choose to read and those of us who love to hear your voice can enjoy both 😀 You could/should sell digital recordings. 😉


    • Ooh, how do I do it? With a piece of mac software called garageband to record, then over to iMovie to load up some pics / backgrounds until I have the right timescale, then add the audio – but I’m sure there must be a quicker / better way and there are sure to be lots of sophisticated things in these apps that I’m not yet aware of … anything you can suggest that might help would be ace and I thank you so much for your lovely comments.


  6. Oh I love this – poetry in audio – fabulous!!
    It’s great to hear your voice 🙂
    You have a big thumbs up and a standing ovation from me –
    what a lovely poem 🙂 🙂
    (Biased…. Robins are my favourite bird!!)


  7. I echo what was said about Pam Ayres! I also agree with your G that it is lovely to hear it read by you, the writer, the way you want it to be heard. Also a wonderful video accompaniment. Is there no end to your talents?!


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