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Our Boy



I wonder what’s happened with Corey?
It’s not like him to miss …
I’d love him to say he’s OK, but
I guess he’s not thinking of this…

Do you reckon he’s busy or what?
It’s ‘busy’ for sure we all say…
His inventiveness makes us feel hot [phew!]
His blog’s legend – down our way!

Oh Corey, dear Corey, where are you?
We worry when posts we don’t see
Please let us know you’re alright dear
Then maybe I’ll feel it’s not ‘me’!

Oh God, I feel like his granny!
I’m probably almost that age…
Oh Corey, please tell us you’re OK
That’s all we need, at this stage….

Polly Robinson © 2012


9 thoughts on “Our Boy

  1. He’s got a new job I heard it said
    He must have this consuming his head
    He’s sorely missed I do agree
    We wish him well – the best that can be!


  2. Aww. Hope he turns up soon. . .


  3. You speak for all of us, Polly! I’m a rubbish rhymer, but here goes:

    Corey, my boy, wonder what’s up?
    Are you indeed a lucky pup?
    Or is the juggle getting too much?
    We do miss you – keep in touch.


  4. You’re not alone,
    I worried too…
    but now my mind’s at rest.
    A job woohoo!
    I wish him well
    that news is just the best!!

    I’m glad all’s well,
    with the poet host,
    but now another niggle…
    if he reads this post,
    will he think we’re nuts,
    or will he simply giggle?


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