Writings and Witterings

A Boy


A diagnosis,
a prognosis,
a suicide attempt
or two,
or three.

The voices
‘He tells me…
She tells me…
They tell me…’
A new world

a world in
a troubled mind.
A world in
a boy so fine.

A boy,
a first born,
a long-awaited son,
a first born

waited for
in a hospital bed,
for three long months;
to keep him,
not lose him.

‘A patient patient’
they called
his mother,
as they pumped her
full of sedative.

The voices
‘He tells me…
She tells me…
They tell me…’
A different world.

A troubled mind;
where did it all go
How can we put it

Polly Stretton © 2012


18 thoughts on “A Boy

  1. whoa,what was that?i was lost in there honey…an act of irony you did it so well, kinda awed and shocked in here..brilliant!


  2. Tough, tough subject to tackle, so painful and emotional. I know a mother/son situation like that and it really destroyed so many lives. It takes a poem to express the unsayable.


  3. so poignant Polly – bittersweet


  4. Bittersweet encompasses some of the emotion, poignant demonstrates empathy perhaps – thank you for your welcome comments x


  5. Polly, I just wanted to send you lots of love and a big hug. At this moment they would convey more than my words could. In fact, I think we’ll be seeing you tomorrow? So I’ll give you a big hug then. 🙂 xxx


  6. This grabbed me by the skull, boxed me in the ears several times and left me with a dull ache.
    What a rush


    • Wow! What thoughts!

      I see you write about young people and their challenges and will look forward to reading through your posts.


  7. Bloody hell Polly – this is proper hardcore. In a good way. You keep it the right side of mawkish too, which is another plus. I can see this mother and baby…


  8. Always aiming to be the right side of mawkish 😉

    This is the poem published in the Bedlam anthology.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Holly x


  9. The billion dollar question.
    Such a difficult problem,
    and with the most difficult human organ.
    It’s very devastating, I know.


  10. Wow – intense, just feel like I’ve been walloped with a piece of 4 by 4!
    Really powerful stuff!


    • Oh dear, sorry about that! I guess it might make one feel a bit battered. Awkward topic to write about, but some things need to be explored and poetry is a way of saying things that can otherwise be overlooked or tucked away …


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