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I would value your advice


Dear blogging friends, I’m doing a ten minute slot at the Fourth Plinth soon and I’m struggling to come up with a selection of my poetry to read.

Could I ask you for your views?  The audience is likely to be mixed, ie children and adults.

I’ve been asked to do ‘He Drinks Blood’ (!) but need to select another couple at least.

Your suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you in advance ~ Polly


17 thoughts on “I would value your advice

  1. Like Silly Head Day and kids would love it too.


  2. I would suggest one of the faerie poems. I always enjoy them.


  3. I too love your faeries, Polly. They are whimsical and I think both kids and adults would love them. Let us know how it goes. 🙂


  4. I too vote for Faerie Folk and Silly Head Day, I also really like ‘Beans for Tea’, which I think would be quite good for a parent and child audience.


    • Ooh, thank you Marina – Beans for Tea gets a vote too 😀 You’re right, of course, it will depend on the audience on the day, but everyone is being very kind in giving their thoughts, really helpful.

      Thank you so much.


  5. I’ve only been to one live indie poetry recital, but it was quite a useful exercise in terms of what is most suitable for a live audience. So, I would suggest a selection of lighter material, anything which has a ‘sense of wonder’ about it is good, or playfulness. I would steer clear of anything too serious or heavy going.


    • Thanks for your thoughts Andy. It is interesting that the serious / heavy stuff is so much better on the page – I think you can see from the views of other bloggers that it is the lighter poems that are being recommended for Saturday.

      Funny about the faerie stuff, only one is actually a poem, but I can put them together in a mini-anthology perhaps as they’re all so short and see how they go down.

      Thanks again for commenting.


  6. I’m loving Mother of Pearl (tell the kids to write down the words they don’t know and look them up later! That’s how my daughter Riley became a Valedictorian), Silly Head Day, Antics, They Will March. No particular order. Love, Amy, and break a leg!


  7. Morning Town Ride please…… chackety chack ……….chackety chack………… 🙂


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