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Written to the poetry prompt Workin’ For It by Stuart McPherson at dVerse


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Wonderful to choose
In life
From options
Gets the
Same chance
In this
Big dance

A step
To the right
Two back
To the left
One forward
Gone wrong
Keep strong

If this one
Doesn’t pan out
Find another
You, your sister
Your pal, your brother
They’re two a penny
Easy to find
Can’t get one?
Never mind

Job centre
All there for you
Took the wrong
Oh, silly you
Gets the
Same chance

Polly Robinson © 2012


21 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Great quote for the great poem!


  2. i like that quote you start with and where you go from there…my uncle was a farmer, hard working all his life but he loved what he did and that made the big difference…but i agree…it’s not easy to find and then to get the job you love


    • Couldn’t agree more, Claudia, some can choose a job that they love and how wonderful that is; yet not everyone gets the opportunity … or perhaps not everyone has the same expectation … or maybe not everyone has sufficient knowledge of what’s available … or … or …

      Thank you for your thoughts.


  3. Now that’s a political poem if I ever saw one – comment on the whole social mobility debate? But what a great rhythm and that deceptively simple language!


  4. i dont know that everyone gets the same chance…ha…and finding another once you are already in one is def not easy…we are a product of our choices though…make a wrong one and who knows where you might end up…


  5. I’ve learned that even when one has a job one loves, there’s still work involved. But at least it’s satisfying and much easier to get out of bed for.


  6. ‘everyone gets the same chance’- love how you manipulate this in the poem. A very interesting thought though- do we all have the same chances? If you are born into money- have a privately paid for education at Eaton- does his give you more or less chance in comparison to someone leaving school at 16….but then define ‘success’- if I was a janitor but was happy and content would this make me any less of a person? See what you’be done? You’ve made me think!!! Ha ha I do belief in choice though- we all have choice and we all much accept responsibility….get poem…very much enjoyed!


    • Gosh, apols for delay in response, but your post landed in the spam – a most unpleasant place to be – so I’ve got it out and dusted it down and now it’s here for all to see!

      There is much irony in the poem – no way does everyone get the same chance – and you list some of the reasons why – good to see I made you think 🙂


  7. it seems more as if the job chooses us than us choosing the job

    Sonnet 24


  8. How loving, and satirical, and true . . . and thank you for the dream via Confucius. From what I have seen, I have been lucky indeed. You caught it dead on.


  9. Funny, Polly, I liked this poem but had trouble with the idea that we all get the same chance. So many kids come from low-income neighborhoods; kids of color get caught up in gangs and drugs – and then there are those like me, mentally ill (I wasn’t diagnosed til age 50!). But it’s a small quibble on one line, and you know me, social and economic justice… it’s a good poem, no matter which side of the fence you’re on! Amy


    • That’s irony for you! There’s not an ounce of doubt that we don’t all get the same chance, not one single ounce.

      This post again retrieved from my spam box (!)


  10. you made me think right now…arg, need to sign my resignation letter lmao 🙂


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