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Fabbit the Rabbit


This one is especially for Holly and Ann 🙂

Furious rabbit (humor)

Young Fabbit

The rabbit

And brothers,

Babbit and Fred,

Are good little rabbits, mostly,

It’s said.

They go in to breakfast,

Cereal today,

But not Fabbit’s fave, as his face seems to say.

His foot starts tapping,

His nerves are on edge,

His brothers are wide-eyed

They know what comes next,

Fabbit is getting annoyed!

‘Duh ma! How could you! You know I hate Beetabicks,

I want Legaloggs – *Right Now!*

I can’t grow big and strong

On something that’s wrong,

And Beetabicks is cruddy chow!’

His rave grows to rant

As close by is scant


Being given to him,

His ma just ignores

His raving implores,

A raised eyebrow is sent on with vim.

‘Duh ma! I want …’

‘I want doesn’t get,’

Oh oh, now there’ll be trouble,

Shy, sly glances suggest

That it would be best

To leave pretty quick, at the double.

Fabbit beats his brothers to it,

The dish hits the floor,

He, furiously shaking, slams out the door.

Ma turns to the boys

And says calmly, poised,

‘Eat your breakfast, lads, you may have more.’

Polly Robinson © 2012


8 thoughts on “Fabbit the Rabbit

  1. heh-heh, just a bit of absurdity, Wendy – brought about because Holly said she read ‘furious rabies’ as ‘furious rabbit’ and Ann encouraged me to use it as a prompt … well, irresistable!!

    Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. LOL! LOVE it, Polly 😀 And what a great ending! This is one fabulously furious fable. 😉


  3. teee heee! How curious and cute and fun! I love this.


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