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Multiple Choice


This is my entry for today’s Poetics at dVerse
with Brian Miller tending bar …


Climb the stairs

Take the elevator

– Options –

Moving walkway

[Airport delight]

Keep to the left

Run on the right

Choose just one

Four stabs to guess

More or less

– Choices –

Raised voices



– Freeze –


Report it

Retort it

Receive it

Conceive it

Deceive it

Retrieve it

Leave it


– Choose –

Polly Robinson © 2012

Moving Walkways at Manchester Airport


32 thoughts on “Multiple Choice

  1. Yes! You put us directly under the pressure that’s always lurking there! Well done. k.


  2. whew…i feel the pressure…i like the breaks at choices and freeze…the cascade affect in this def sets a wicked pace….all running through my mind in a blink of an eye…


  3. Tension….!
    Can I phone a friend?


  4. This is brilliant Pol, and so very true to modern life :o)


  5. This is a great commentary on our lives Polly.


  6. Succinctly stated verse. Life really is full of choices everywhere we turn. I always get behind the one who does NOT walk on the ‘moving walkway.’


    • Gosh, that’s soooooo irritating, isn’t it Mary? Well, at least you’re getting your exercise – oh, hang on a mo, you’re not ‘cos you’re stuck behind … *duh!* 🙂


  7. Fun! Almost felt like there was a timer ticking off in the last part of the poem and loved the way you wrapped about “Leave it/Be.” to draw in more than one sense of “be.”


  8. I think you’ve captured the chaos of airport travel perfectly. Now all that’s missing is a heavy bag or two. 🙂


  9. sometimes we have to make so many decisions in such a short time that it’s hard to keep pace..and this urgency is palpable in your poem


  10. Hi, Polly! I’ve nominated your blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award http://davidericcummins.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/awards/


  11. This had that freneticsm, that rushed feeling, that pressure that choice brings…the way you have written it completely drags you in as a reader, and doesn’t let you go! I’ve often felt like this! Very well done


    • Ooh, looks like it worked …

      Apols for not commenting before, I’ve just retrieved a load of posts from the spam and yours had somehow enveigled it’s way in there!


  12. The format works perfectly to illustrate how choices are cut and dry, one or the other.


  13. That ending is very cool, the ultimate goal of all choices, methinks. Choice is often a matter of automatic actions which we learn via socialization/education, so to see these things spoken so consciously is indeed interesting since it gives us an idea about much that educational process conditions us.


    • Couldn’t agree more, Chazinator, and yet … the subliminal is an extraordinary thing … some don’t recognise that choices are available methinks … *ponder, ponder, ponder*


  14. Love the rhyme and rhythm of this. Excellent work.


  15. all day, we walk around making choices, best to have a lot of habits, so you can actually think about things you want to think about.

    Princess Vadar


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