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Quickie Writing Prompt


Timer in "Quickie Breakfast"

A bit of fun – a writing prompt to a deadline!

You are invited to write a poem about an alternative reality and submit it in the ‘Thoughts’ section below – or put a link to your blog showing the entry – before midnight Tuesday 12 June 2012.

Do read each others work and send your thoughts / votes for the ones you’d like to see selected for the final three and why.

Remember to post your submission to the ‘Thoughts’ section below or put a link to your blog showing your entry, anywhere else and your piece will not be part of the competition.

‘Tis a nice way to get to know the works of others and I’ll choose my three favourites and post about them on Friday 15 June 2012.


30 thoughts on “Quickie Writing Prompt

  1. Here’s my ‘starter for ten’:

    Faerie Folk

    They steal babies, issue changelings,
    Whisk the breath from the weak and the dying,
    Suck on cowslips, nectar and wine,
    Live in magical hedges divine,
    Worry farmers, worry swine,
    Worry sheep and creatures bovine.
    Green-stained teeth, sharp, pinlike, pointy,
    Bright waxed blond hair stands up dainty,
    Knuckled hands and fingers thin,
    Spikey nails and whiskery chins,
    Spite in faces, malice in eyes,
    Nothing can stop them, they’re from the dark side.

    Polly Robinson © 2012

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    • Ooooh, good and dark to start us off! I posted lower down the column, and I had exactly the opposite reaction, went straight to whimsy. This is like those cautionary “don’t go over the bridge, the trolls will get you” fairy tales. Love it! Thanks for this, Polly, the prompt made my night! Amy


  2. Great submissions already :-). I’ll try my best to put something down too, back at work tomorrow though so my time is a bit more squeezed.


    • You’re right, Cherry, submissions already in are good … it would be great if you’d join in too.

      I was a tad late posting the prompt, prepped it yesterday but couldn’t get the MisterLinky link to work, so had to revise it to how it is today – just thought it would be nice to have a bit of fun … you could use something you’ve already posted if it fits 🙂


  3. OK, soooo… in response to Polly’s writing challenge prompt… here’s something possibly a little stylistically different for me (and VERY off the cuff! Or off the sock maybe that should be?) The mission is to write a poem about an alternate reality… which I tried. But I’m sure this is actually what goes on under my bed every single night… 😉

    Maybe some of you lovely people would like to give Polly’s challenge a go too? Go on…

    Just follow this link, here you go then…. 🙂



  4. Desire and Greed

    There’s a maiden fair
    With tendrils rare
    Spun of gold with ribbons sheer.
    Barefoot lass that traipse the glen
    Minstrel bards and strong brave men
    Follow her and drink her in, dreams of love
    Dreams of men, to follow where the Harpie led.

    Jackie Summers


  5. Here is mine – a little self-indulgent this one…


  6. Polly you have your work cut out for you , Love all the submissions!! Well done!


  7. Love this challenge, Polly! I have a poem brewing about ‘skin walkers’ thanks to your writing prompt, and the perfect photos from our day trip to Chaco Canyon this weekend to go with the poem, but I’m too slow at writing. BUT you have inspired me so … one day … someday I’ll finish and share the poem with you. 😀 For now i need to get back to writing my novel 😉

    I’ve enjoyed reading the entries and look forward to more 😀


  8. In answer to your “Quickie Writing Prompt”:

    Reality Effervescence by Lindell Vecchio

    Somewhere over there in the very distant past
    a sad, lonely girl sat thinking.
    She had special quantum powers of beauty,
    imagination and zeal.
    Her name was Reality Effervescence, Real for short.
    She let some thoughts escape one day.
    They flew around, fluttered their wings and landed on a soft, supple cloud.
    Her butterfly thoughts manifested into a universe.
    This universe expanded into infinity
    with pieces of glitter and hunks of water
    mixed with blue and yellow.
    Real Essence was impressed,
    even though these were her thoughts,
    because other things began to appear.
    She saw rough and smooth moving left and right,
    over and under, and round and round.
    They didn’t stop once they started.
    They just kept on and on,
    forever and ever,
    unless she snapped them off,
    because she did have a mean streak.
    She combined rough and smooth with her thoughts
    and called them Green and Red Effervescence.
    People gave them so many names
    to separate them into black and white.
    They talked and talked about this,
    then and now.


  9. Polly, I was thoroughly enamored of this prompt, and being in Madison, I could certainly use a little “alternative reality”! So it’s at my blog:
    Peace and all the good stuff, Amy


  10. You are clever! What fun~


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