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Quickie Writing Prompt – my selection


Open to everyone, you were invited to write a poem about an alternative reality.  Several bloggers rose to the challenge, all of whom deserve a mention, so consider yourselves mentioned!  I really enjoyed reading the responses to the Quickie Writing Prompt and doing it to a deadline clearly focused minds 🙂

For those of you who did not see the prompt, it was published 10/06/2012 on this blog and can be found on the Home page with copies of the poems sent in or links to the blogs on which they appear – well worth a look.

OK, suspense over, in no particular order [as the best competition judges always say] here are my selected three with my reasons for selecting them.

Thanks again to everyone who joined in, all the submissions were wonderful to read, it was fun.

Footloose (Secret Life Of Shoes)

By Holly Magill / hollyannegetspoetic

They start, sometime after half past midnight.
Just a tiny tap of a chisel-toe mule: the left one.
Inching out from under the bed. The subtle shuffle
of a tossed moccasin, slow-bumping percussion.
Slapping of a sling back. Pinging elastic ankle-strap.
Espadrilles doing doubles and boots beating a stomp.
Laces tie and tangle, tongues loosen, flap and mingle.
Buckles come undone. Soles rub with remembered
chafing, happy sweat of dancing and blisters pinched.

I love the personification of shoes in this poem, the alliteration and wordplay.  I can feel that ‘tiny tap’ and see the ‘chisel-toe mule’ as it inches from under the bed.  I enjoy the moccasin’s ‘slow-bumping percussion’ and the moves of the others as ‘tongues loosen’ – genius!  Here, Holly’s created a superb alternative reality.  The thought of footwear friends having a boogie in which causing blisters is celebrated tickles me pink!

Desire and Greed

By Jackie Summers

There’s a maiden fair
With tendrils rare
Spun of gold with ribbons sheer.
Barefoot lass that traipse the glen
Minstrel bards and strong brave men
Follow her and drink her in, dreams of love
Dreams of men, to follow where the Harpie led.

I have a thing about faeries just now, so Jackie’s submission caught my eye as I found it evocative of woodlands and faerie folk.  The language is beautiful, the line breaks effective, we see a gorgeous maid with glorious hair, a sort of siren of the forest drawing all to her – fantastic – awesomely alternative.

Sky Green

By Amy Barlow Liberatore / sharplittlepencil

As I loll beneath a laughing willow
reading The Wit of Virginia Woolf,
sipping lemon juice from a
ceramic to-go cup…

I am struck by passersby who,
in the cool breeze of mid-August,
saunter to urgent meetings
when they should be hustling fast as sloths.

My blue hair is showing traces of
youth these days, bits of gold that
catch the noonday moonlight,
reflecting a crown-like glory.

Shall I stay on the lush red grass
or wander off past the former Starbucks
(now a café for overground art)
to catch the stagecoach back home?

Green sky at morning,
sailors take warning.
Grey sky at night,
sailors delight.

Amy’s poem made me giggle and gasp, a delightful romp through alternatives or transpositions – a ‘laughing willow’, not a paper to-go cup but a ceramic one, not an ‘our world’ drink but lemon juice – heh-heh.  Even literary allusion here!  This fabulous world has red grass, aging blue hair going gold rather than grey, and people sauntering to urgent meetings heh-heh – just love it.

Thank you all again for entering – let me know if you’d like another prompt 🙂


22 thoughts on “Quickie Writing Prompt – my selection

  1. I think you chose my favourites too Polly – well done to everyone though. It was fun to do. Wendy x


  2. Wow! Thanks Polly! I’m honoured. xx


  3. waht!I haven’t saw that writing prompt!do another prompt will you? by the way, the choices are wonderful and exceptional, they are promising poets 🙂


  4. Yes, those poems were brilliant, and definitely deserved it. Another prompt would be lovely 🙂


  5. What great fun all these poems are! Beautiful! I had some horrible deadlines this week, so did not manage to take part in this one. Hope there will be a future one?


  6. Will do another prompt in the future, Marina, most likely to be at holiday times as work so often gets in the way … perhaps when I’m away for my summer hols I’ll leave everyone a prompt to keep you from missing me 😀


  7. Congrats to all. Everyone did an excellent excellent job! Enjoyed very much 😀
    (PS I’m imagining a movie of dancing shoes to go with Holly’s poem. 😀 )


  8. How exciting to see your choices and your reason for choosing them.. Thank you Pollyxx And YES You must do more of these! ❤


  9. How exciting to see your choices and your reason for choosing them.. Thank you Polly xx And YES You must do more of these! ❤


  10. Polly, you are great at prompts. I’m subscribing to your blog so I’ll get them. Thanks so much, though I’m a bit pink in the face at being chosen among such incredible poets. Holly’s whimsical shoes, also one of my favorites. Wish I could have gotten to all, but it’s simply impossible. THANKS! A real day-brightening moment, Pol. Peace, Amy


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  12. Very enjoyable – loved the gold in the blue hair!


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