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What do you think of my new theme?


What this post is all about is in the title, just wondering what you think of this theme … I’ve never changed it before – let me know how you like it …


26 thoughts on “What do you think of my new theme?

  1. It’s fine. I’ve spent ages trying out the themes, it’s a lot of fun. I suspect I will be changing again shortly. I find for poetry a lot of the themes can come over as cluttered or perhaps too dark and foreboding which is fine if that suits of course 🙂 This one you have here looks quite clean and uncluttered though and not as distracting as some of them.


  2. I agree with Garry – a lot of the themes are too cluttered and distracting. This seems to do all the things you need it to. What prompted the change?


  3. For poetry blogs I have always found that “Less Is More” so that you can let the words speak for themselves.


    • I noticed this one on WordPress and thought it looked clean and clear – wasn’t really looking for a change but thought it worth a go. A tad bugged by the comments not showing ‘up front’ though …


      • From what I understand that is a common feature in themes. You may have to make your own to do if differently. But what do I know?


        • You’re right – the only alternative would be to search through lots of different themes until you find one that does exactly what you want it to do – life’s too short! Looks to me like you know plenty about this malarky, Joe!


    • Hmmm, that’s an interesting comment Joe. I tend to agree with you. So do you think that this theme is less or more than the previous one?


      • Honestly I can’t remember what you used to use. Probably means it was on the right side of cluttered.
        As for your new one It does seem fairly busy. That said, in comparison to mine, every theme would seem packed 🙂


  4. Wide screen and pure.
    Makes you want to take a walk here and stop by 🙂

    Just had a look at mine in comparison. I seem to have a load of stuff on the right too. I really have no idea how it all appeared, it all seemed to happen when I transferred from Blogger to WordPress!


  5. Aw, that’s a nice thing to say Catherine.

    The stuff on the right is in the settings – you can change the theme to have one, two and sometimes three columns if you wish. But the calendar and listy things you have to go into widgets to change them and I have to confess to getting a tad confused in amongst all that stuff.

    I like the look of your blog, but if you want to change any of it best advice would seem to be change one thing only at a time and then you can easily change it back if you don’t like it.

    I’ve just got rid of the link to Facebook as I don’t think it was adding much since the Flash Fiction competition is over for this year – I’ve just put a wee blog up about it with links so that there’s something here.

    Lovely to see you visiting 🙂


  6. Looks clean and easy to navigate. Obviously the picture at the top makes it 🙂


    • Well, Geoff Robinson, you would say that wouldn’t you? Just so everyone knows, my acknowledgement to the ace photographer, Geoff Robinson of 2020zoom.com, my husband, for the fabulous photo of Laugharne estuary featured at the top of this blog 🙂 x


  7. Looks great. At least from my iPad, which is my only link to the Internet while on vacation. 😉


    • Wow! What great feedback Carrie. One of the reasons I went for this theme is that it’s supposed to sit well on mobile phones and iPads etc, so that’s great if it looks good to you. Soooo impressed that you’re looking at blogs whilst you’re on vacation [did I really say that?] … jeez, talk about two of a kind! 🙂


  8. The text in your posts looks kind of tiny, which can be hard to read. But I love the clean layout and the pretty blue accents. 🙂 Gorgeous header.


  9. Ah, that is a shame, it doesn’t look tiny from here … technology is a b****r, just when you think you’ve cracked it, it throws a curved ball. Hope you can get over the tiny text by doing the Ctrl and + together thing, rosemary mint, would hate you to strain those beautiful eyes …

    Glad you like the header, though 🙂


  10. Nice and crisp, I like! It feels welcme and I love your picture. But I’m biased, I’m a bit of a seaside girl. So tell me about changing themes: is it hard? Where does all the content go? And what happens to sidebars? I’ve considered it many times but have never dared to take the plunge….. Well done you! x


    • Ah, glad it looks OK to you, Nicky.

      It’s remarkably easy to change, it seems to me that most if not all of one’s formatting is carried over from the existing blog to the new one. The one thing I’m having to get used to is that comments aren’t shown below the posts in this theme, they were in my original one ~ but really no-one seems to be bothered by that, so I’ll see how it goes.

      Give it a try, all your content moves with you 🙂


  11. I’ve used dozens of WordPress themes before settling on the current layout. I wasn’t happy with my original one, tried another and then it became obsessive, until I settled on my present layout. As you say, Polly, this has nice clean lines, gets the message across and has a classic feel, whereas your previous one was a bit grungy and I’m not sure that really suited you. The beach shot is nice too.


    • It’s an interesting thing about themes / changing themes, Andy, it wasn’t something I’d planned on doing, but I was drawn to this one – it’s called Yoko – the lines, yes, but perhaps more the font / colours, it appealed to me. I’m not big on making changes for no real reason, you may have seen that my icon remains the same on all of the media I use (and if I change one, I change all of them, but that’s probably my OCD showing!)

      You’re right about the previous one being ‘grungy’, why, it was called ‘Elegant Grunge’ (!) For moments only my very first one was a black background, but that was somewhat harsh, I liked the torn paper look of ‘Elegant Grunge’, and yet, gosh, eight months later (just worked it out!) this one caught my eye.

      The beach is the estuary at Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, one of our favourite places for walks, the vista, the history and the wonderful sea air.

      Thank you for commenting, always interesting to see what people think about a change 🙂


  12. Love the picture; very restful. See if you can change your font not only to something larger, but a “serif” font (like Times New Roman or Garamond, which are common and have those little curly-cues on the ends of the letters, rather than this type font, which is a bit sterile.

    Other than that, Polly, I like this. Clean, sleek layout! Sorry I haven’t been in touch, but my computer had a major virus or herpes or something ghastly, so I had to have the whole motherboard replaced and all was wiped… ARGH! Love, Amy


    • Amy, so sorry to see you’ve had troubles with the computer – you did make me laugh with the herpes comment 🙂 Hope it’s all OK now and that replacing the motherboard wasn’t too costly (it sounds as if it might be [actually, when I see that word, my brain replaces it with a much ruder term that is unrepeatable here, goodness knows why]).

      Glad you like the picture, I have just keyed to Andy that it’s a shot of the estuary at Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, one of our favourite places for walks on account of not only the vista, but the history of the place and the wonderful sea air.

      I’ve had a look at changing / enlarging the font as you suggested, but they want to charge me for it, so that’s a non-starter. Is the font very tiny for you? If so, would you consider using the Ctrl and + keys together to enlarge the whole page, to reverse it you just use Ctrl and -, hope that helps. I am feeling a tad guilty about it and would love for it to be as accessible to everyone as my previous theme, but not at a cost …

      Good to see you back and commenting, catch up soon ~ Polly 🙂


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