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Mother Of Pearl

This was one of my first entries to Poetics at dVerse with Brian Miller tending bar…it is also my very first entry to WeWritePoems, where we have been asked to write about unexpected descriptions—this poem fits the topic as the initial prompt was all about buttons, and the buttons I recalled were the mother of pearl ones that featured in many a button tin when I was a child…

mother of pearl caviar spoon

Smooth iridescence,
shine of luminescence,
smooth, smooth strength and resilience;
touch tempting inlays
traced by musicians,
adored by pearly kings and queens.

Baglamas and bazoukis,
caviar spoons, buttons,
beautiful jewellery
warm to the skin,
silky and sexy, sultry and shimmering,
nacreous clouds and notional things.

Polly Stretton © 2012

English: Greek baglamas