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Silly Head Day


She’s got her silly head on today,
You know the sort,
Where she thinks she ought,
But she knows she won’t,
‘Cos she’s ‘do or don’t?’
And she doesn’t know,
Quite which way to go,
As she’s lost her flow,
And she’s daft.
Just for today.

lampshade head

He’s got his silly head on today,
You know the kind,
Where he’s out of his mind,
And totally behind,
‘Cos he’s forgotten this,
And forgotten that,
Can’t find his shoes, can’t find his hat,
Which he needs more,
Than he did before,
And he needs them now!

They’ve got their silly heads on today,
You know the type,
When there’s lots of hype,
And they’re talking tripe,
‘Cos their heads are elsewhere;
“Should anyone here …
Know any reason why …
These two can’t be married, by and bye,”
The vicar will say and look around sly.
Silly together forever!

Polly Robinson © 2012


14 thoughts on “Silly Head Day

  1. This type of day is a frequent occurrence for me…


  2. You talking about me?!? 😉 LOL 😀


  3. PS Love the new look. I thought I clicked on the wrong blog at first. Wow … I am behind, aren’t I? 😀


  4. Note: second and third stanzas added 5 July – my writing mentor said it was too short 🙂


  5. Haha I think everyone should put on their silly head for at least an hour a day!!


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