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Hollyhock Noir


black hollyhock

Rangy, black and handsome,
Chocolate … mmm … choc-o-late,
Maroon … mmm … macaroon,
No!  Not macaroon.  Maroon!

Depth, colour, Alcea rosea Nigra;
Flaring, flaunting, flouncing skirts,
Darkest, dankest, deepest, dewiest
Essence of holy mallow.

Medieval fertility, juicy roots.
Juicy fruits?
No!  Not juicy fruits!  Juicy roots!
Roots you can eat, edible roots,

Juicible roots,
Fruicible roots.
Plus …
Tea to be made

From petals noir.
Purplish flower,
Rainful shower,
Dark bridal bower,

Lucky pups cower,
Men tall, tower,
Thirsting for soothing, purple tea,
Hollyhock noir.

Polly Robinson © 2012


41 thoughts on “Hollyhock Noir

  1. Maybe I should adopt “Hollyhock Noir” as my goth alter ego… 😉


  2. Where you hungry when you wrote this?


  3. A wonderful celebration of some wonderful foliage. Nice photo too. BTW, what happened to ‘Daughter of a Sewer Rat’? I was interested in the structure and you put it together quite well I thought (in my limited knowledge of that form).


  4. So much fun to read!


  5. a lovely flower…and you give it depth in your word play…in image and in its edible roots….intriguing that….


  6. Playful and fun. I like the banter back and forth.


  7. I love this. And I love hollyhocks…and that one is remarkable…so tall and the color is out of this world. A fun and enjoyable posting.


  8. Playful, fun, sprightly,and sort of a stream of consciousness feel to it!.


  9. very cool..love the color and love how you write about them.. have some in my garden but pink ones…love them much


    • There is such an amazing selection of colours to go for, but against the cream walls of our house it just had to be Hollyhock Noir 🙂

      Thanks for your thoughts Claudia 🙂


  10. Haha, fun alliteration and tone, very enjoyable!


  11. Reading this is the most fun I’ve had all day! I loved the bantering and the playfulness.


  12. Wish I had Hollyhocks near me.

    Many thanks for the wonderful write.


  13. Oh, Polly, this was fun, funny, clever, and all about my favorite color in any shade: Purple! So what’s not to like about this, I ask? Great little read, hon. Amy


  14. Haha that is too funny and very clever to work macaroons and juicy fruits into a poem ))applauds((


  15. this is a bright and fun read! lovely action and lilting humor. great poem!


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