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Memento Mori


Barcelona 1988 to 23 April 2012

23 April 2012 – a day of great sadness in the Robinson household, the wholly, holey T-shirt fondly known as Compo was relegated to the recycling bin (though why so valued … totally beyond me!)

G bought Compo in 1988 to celebrate the Barcelona Olympics.  Over the years it served him well ending up as a nightshirt for the past decade or so.  I’ve teased him mercilessly, recorded his attachment to it in rhyme, mocked him endlessly for his devotion to the, finally, manky bit of cloth.  However, one must celebrate Compo’s achievements …  btw, G wouldn’t let me take a photo – rofl 😀

Polly Robinson © 2012


28 thoughts on “Memento Mori

  1. Oh, the sadness of losing such a treasure… LOL. I used to have a sleepshirt that read, “Property of Pottawattamie County Jail” (my mom’s home county in Iowa). I used to wear it as a shirt to school until I got called into the principal’s office, hee hee. Tell the hub I feel his pain… RIP Compo (not in compost, though…) Amy


    • Aw, don’t encourage him, Amy! Da hubstar says, ‘there, told you, people can identify with it …’
      Hah! say I.
      Then he went on about my green coat, circa 1995, but that’s another story … lol 😉


  2. Could you not use it for dusters ? Or would that be too much of an indignity for such a hallowed shirt? 😉 I have a washed out old Pulp t-shirt that is now a nightshirt. It used to be black but now it’s mid grey and the silver lettering has all but faded away… It’s still special though.


    • Sad, sad girl … lol 😀 No, it was out of the question to use it for dusters … as you say ‘twould have been an indignity (!) Compo started off black with white lettering … let’s not try to describe the eventual colour … too bad … 😉 Sometimes one must let go … and fair play, after 24 years, G let go – I didn’t even have to grasp it and pull it screaming out of his hot hands! rofl … I must stop sniggering … heh-heh x


  3. Perhaps you could have cut off a small swatch, stitched the edges, and offered it to him as a security item, kind of like a blankey that’s passed its due. 😉


  4. Well, what’s not to love … really ..?


  5. It is sad when the old faves are ready for the knackers yard. Poignant stuff Polly.


  6. Have you recommended therapy?
    You are a kind lady – I would have trashed it and then denied all knowledge of its whereabouts!! – I am evil >:-}


    • heh-heh, such fun to have the ongoing conflab, Alex, plus … I’d never have got away with it! heh-heh-heh 😀


      • Well…. not wanting to put ideas into your head but… there’s always the dog or kids to blame – or that – oh so worthy cause- of the charity shop! (I had a friend who bought her own cardigan back from a charity shop – she only realised when she pulled her shopping list out of the pocket the ‘first’ time she wore it!!)


  7. I must admit I have a couple of old band t shirts that I keep in the wardrobe for sentimental value. My husband on the other hand has a Jurassic Park t shirt from when the film first came out at the cinema – he was about 10 he is now almost 30 – and he still wears it regularly! I keep expecting it to fall to pieces one day but it keeps on going strong lol!


  8. We do get so deeply attached to them, don’t we! 🙂


  9. 😀 OH it’s so hard to let go of a good t! 😉 RIP Mr. t 😀


    • G really likes the RIP comments, heh-heh, Mr T, heh-heh, what a hoot …

      Thanks for comments, Ann, wondering when we’ll sober up on this one! Hopefully, never! 🙂


  10. Those old t-shirts hold memories and history. Hard to dispose of.


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